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Martini Food was founded by Mr. Henry Martin Sulwyn. We start to market the product in local scope at Surabaya, Indonesia. Market expansion is no longer a dream but a MUST. We Expand our Marketing area from local to national scope. Our product is now available in every province of Indonesia. Achievement is not a finish line but a checkpoint to bigger achievement, currently we aim for the international market.


Mr. Henry Martin Sulwyn Believed that “Legacy is worthier than currency”.  As our vision to be a sustainable manufacturer in food and beverage industry with high quality product, excellence service, and affordable price. Happiness in every bite is our business value. Success is never accidental.

Martini food has been committed to serving high quality PRODUCT, BECAUSE QUALITY IS THE BEST BUSINESS PLAN snacks since 1994. Various type of biscuits, wafers, and snacks are made from selected quality ingredients. Selection is a part of preventive action, in the term of control the quality and food safety of material and finished goods, we apply Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM refers to maintain the quality system by Quality Assurance (QA), control the quality by Quality Control (QC). “Quality is represented in the product itself”, also we have Indonesian food safety sertification, Halal Sertification, and HACCP Sertification as a proof of commitment and quality system.

Our Location

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