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About Martini Food

Martini food has been committed to serving high quality snacks since 1994. Various type of biscuits, wafers, snacks, and candy are made from selected quality ingredients. We process all ingredients with the newest technology and we use “quality control” method from professionals to ensure food safety for consumers. This can be seen from our certification of Halal, SNI, and HACCP (Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

Martini Food always provides the best service to all partners, in terms of distributing products. By maintaining good relationship with all partners, we aim to build an extensive distribution network.

As our moto “happiness in every bite”, we promise that our product will make every moment more special and enjoyable for every consumers. In order to satisfy consumers, we will continue to increase our operational standard.




Hard Biscuit is one of the Martini Food products that is made from hard dough. It has a sweet taste, solid, and crunchy texture. This biscuit is filled with sweet cream in different flavors.

All Cookies produced by Martini food are made from soft dough. It has a less dense texture, very crunchy, and also high sugar content, which produces higher levels of fat. This cookies can be combined with a sweet cream.



Martini Food wafers are thin types of biscuits, made from liquid dough. It has a flat shape, flaky, and crunchy textures. This light bite wafers can be combined with various cream flavors.

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